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Mr. Tint of America franchise is a business model that provides entrepreneurs with a roadmap for success. We help you captureyour share of the $30 billion dollars being spent annually in the growing automotive aftermarket and the billions more being spent annually in the home and commercial improvement

Exciting Industry

People love their cars. As a Mr. Tint of America Auto Glass Tinting franchisee you’ll get to custom style different vehicles daily. As a residential and commercial glass tint franchisee, you’ll work with all types of interesting people. No 2 days are the same!

Unmatched Group Buying Power & High Profit Margins

Mr. Tint of America group buying power provides high-quality products at extremely discounted prices. The margins you can attain as an auto glass and commercial/residential glass franchise will make the crankiest accountant smile. Low initial costs, superior business systems and ongoing training equals a positive cash flow and profits much faster than most industries.

Exceptional Support

As a Mr. Tint of America franchisee, you’ll enjoy corporate support in many areas of your business. Mr. Tint of America provides constant business consulting and operational support, plus you’ll benefit from Mr. Tint’s comprehensive marketing campaign which includes promotion materials, email campaigns, and the latest in web marketing techniques like search engine optimization and web video production to promote business in your area.

Industry Leader

Mr. Tint of America is a very successful auto styling franchise because we combine 35 years of hands on owner-operated experience with state of the art systems and promotional tools. We know what works and what doesn’t because we’ve lived this business! Our real world franchise system makes other wanna-be franchise offers look downright silly.

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Who is Mr. Tint?

Adam Weinberg (Mr. Tint of New England) has owned and operated Mr. Tint glass tinting shops since 1981.

“I started in my parents garage until we grew too large. We used to have our automotive customers sit on the front porch of my home to wait for their cars. Until one day my mother in her bathrobe opened the front door and jumped out of her skin. Needless to say we moved soon after. Since that monumental day we soon found a great location on Memorial Ave in West Springfield Ma. We grew rapidly throughout the years, because of our great customer service, low prices, and our commitment to giving the customer the best possible window film on the market. Price was never a concern,” says Adam, “quality and a commitment to service was most important.”

Four locations later, we are serving virtually the entire northeast. People call Mr. Tint for our same day service, lifetime warranties, expertise, and our large selection of quality window films. As a matter of fact we travel all over the United States tinting buildings because of my reputation to get the job done as fast as possible, without problems or delay. Speed is essential and sometimes we work through the night to complete the job.

Our Expertise 

Mr. Tint of America continues to build its national franchise chain by promoting a strong image, aggressive marketing and high volume production, while providing services that produce high profit margins through professional training and unity on a national level.

The Industry Leader

Mr. Tint has a solid reputation as a leading automotive window tinting and specialty accessory center that has streamlined its business system designed to help franchisees maximize their potential. Mr. Tint is committed to retaining its dominant position by meeting the ever changing needs of the automotive window tinting, and styling accessory products and services aftermarket industry.

 The Future Outlook of the Aftermarket Industry

Vehicle accessorizing is big business, a $31 billion-a-year market. More than half (57.5 percent) of that comes from the sales of auto accessories and appearance products. Yet, car dealers only capture 17% of all accessory sales. Mr. Tint has strategically positioned itself in the auto aftermarket industry, providing entrepreneurs with
the means to capture their share of the billions of dollars being spent annually on automotive accessories.

Consumers Desire Our Services

Mr. Tint customers do not want their vehicle to look just like other cars or trucks on the road. Car Enthusiasts today want a vehicle that reflects their personality. We can transform any vehicle into a ride that makes a personal styling statement.

What does Mr. Tint do for you as a franchise owner?

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